Anacapa Middle School

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LMC Library and Textbook Policies

Library Book Policies

Checking out books: 

  • Current Anacapa ID Card required.  Two books may be checked at one time (four for TWI students), for a two week time period. 
  • The book may be renewed if there are no holds for that title. 
  • Lost or damaged books will result in an obligation.
  • Title suggestions are always welcome.

It is the student's responsibility to:
  • Maintain and return library books in the condition they were in when issued.
  • Pay library damage, lost and overdue fines. 
  • CA Education Code 48904 states  that parents and students are liable for the loss or damage to school materials or equipment up to $10,000.00. .

Textbook Policies

Textbook Information:
  • Write student's name and school years, in pen, in the front cover of each textbook. 
  • Students are expected to return the same book that was issued at the beginning of the year. 
  • The barcode number must match the barcode indicated in the student's library record.  
  • Returned damaged books will be assessed a fine. 


  • Avoid storing liquid in the same backpack area as textbooks. 
  • Cover textbooks to avoid damage.
  • Never leave your backpack unattended on campus as you are responsible for any loss incurred. 
  • Do not leave textbooks in classrooms as the student is responsible for the loss, not the teacher. 

Students who fail to take care of obligations will not receive yearbooks, report cards, diplomas and may lose access to school activities until obligations are cleared. Unpaid obligations follow students to the next school year including to the high school.